Competitive Strengths

         Htet Oo Manpower Services is dedicated to providing the highest level of services and project fulfillment. Here are several reasons why Htet Oo Manpower Services stands head and shoulders above the rest in the industry.
         Our center follows the instructions of Construction Industry Training Institute (C.I.T.I) of Singapore and giving lectures mainly base on C.I.T.I Syllabus. We have professional and skillful instructors for both practical and theory and as well as we we recruit Overseas Training Coordinator to improve workers’ technical abilities. We also apply international knowledge to our candidates which lead to excellent in their jobs.

         The variety Training Subjects of Htet Oo Manpower Services are as follow:-
(i)   Timber Formwork
(ii)   Steel Reinforcement Work
(iii)  Bricklaying
(iv)  Metal formwork
(v)   Plastering
(vi)  Tiling
(vii)  Welding and
(viii) Pipe Fitting
          We are sending honest, intelligent, hardworking and persevering high IQ workers. We are also sending qualified graduates and skilled workers to regional countries according to their requirements.